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XORP Documentation Project

It's a work in progress - please let us know what additional help you would find useful.


XORP is an open networking platform that supports OSPF, RIP, BGP, OLSR, VRRP, PIM, IGMP (Multicast) and other routing protocols. Most protocols support IPv4 and IPv6 where applicable. It is known to work on various Linux distributions and flavors of BSD. Support for cross-compiling XORP to Microsoft Windows using the mingw cross-compiler was recently (March 2011) added.

XORP started life as a project at the ICSI Center for Open Networking (ICON) at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California, USA, and spent some time with the link building team at XORP, Inc. The project maintainer is now Ben Greear from Candela Technologies and the old XORP.CT code base is now the official development tree.

XORP's primary goal is to be an open platform for networking protocol implementations and an alternative to proprietary and closed networking products.

Getting Started

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It is possible that some ECODE specifics are present in the documents. Nothing important and not much, though.

Practical Aspects

ECODE Project

This section isn't relevant for common XORP Users !


The Community


Please, share your experience with us and feel free to mention what you've accomplished with XORP so far !

Why do you use XORP ?

Mailing lists

XORP users This list is for general XORP discussion.
XORP hackers This list is for XORP development discussion.

To subscribe, send email to xorp-{users, hackers} with the word “subscribe” (no quotes!) in the subject or the body of the email.

For more subscription options, send the command “help” instead or you can directly use the links above.

About this Wiki

Getting Involved ?

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If you want to get an account, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

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This website is hosted and put at your free disposal thanks to the Research Unit in Networking (RUN) @ University of Liège. It is part of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (Montefiore Institute) and of the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The unit is headed by Prof. Guy Leduc. Current research in RUN bears on computer networks and more specifically on traffic engineering, MPLS, mobile communication, congestion control, multicast and active/programmable networks. Former research in RUN also focused on models and languages suitable for formal specification, verification, implementation and testing of communicating systems, and especially of real time systems.

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