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Several environment variables affect xorp:

Variable Definition
XORP_SENDER_KEEPALIVE_TIME XRL keep-alive timer in seconds.
XORP_LISTENER_KEEPALIVE_TIME XRL request keep-alive timer in seconds.
XRLDISPATCHTRACE Enable XRL dispatcher tracing if this variable is defined.
XRLTRACE Enable some xrl debugging messages in the xrl_router logic.
AIOTRACE Enable some asyncio debugging messages.
ELOOPTRACE Enable some event-loop debugging messages.
XORP_FINDER_SERVER_ADDRESS Determines where xorp xrl finder logic listens.
XORP_FINDER_SERVER_PORT Determines where xorp xrl finder logic listens.
XORP_RIB_STATIC_DISTANCE Configure distance for static routes.
XORP_FINDER_CONNECT_TIMEOUT_MS How long to wait for connection to finder. When running under valgrind or with mis-configured 'winbind' or similar slow situation, you may need to set this to a large value to over-ride the defaults.
XORP_USE_RRAS Specific for Windows. Set only, if You planning use XORP feature “xorprtm dll” / “RTMv2” on computer with RRAS and installed and configured “xorprtm4.dll” and( or) “xorprtm6.dll”. See more info in source code directory “xorp/contrib/xorprtm”.
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