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Acronym/Concept Description
AS see Autonomous System.
Autonomous System a routing domain that is under one administrative authority, and which implements its own routing policies. Key concept in BGP.
BGP Border Gateway Protocol.
Bootstrap Router A PIM-SM router that chooses the RPs for a domain from amongst a set of candidate RPs.
BSR See Bootstrap Router.
Candidate RP A PIM-SM router that is configured to be a candidate to be an RP. The Bootstrap Router will then choose the RPs from the set of candidates.
Dynamic Route A route learned from another router via a routing protocol such as RIP or BGP.
EGP see Exterior Gateway Protocol.
Exterior Gateway Protocol1) a routing protocol used to route between Autonomous Systems. The main example is BGP.
FEA Forwarding Engine Abstraction
FIB Forwarding Information Base
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol.
IGP see Interior Gateway Protocol.
Interior Gateway Protocol a routing protocol used to route within an Autonomous System. Examples include RIP, OSPF and IS-IS.
Live CD A CD-ROM that is bootable. In the context of XORP, the Live CD can be used to produce a low-cost router without needing to install any software.
MFC Multicast Forwarding Cache: another name for an entry in the multicast forwarding engine typically used on UNIX systems).
MFEA Multicast Forwarding Engine Abstraction
MLD/IGMP Multicast Listener Discovery/Internet Group Management Protocol
MRIB See Multicast RIB.
Multicast RIB the part of the RIB that holds multicast routes. These are not directly used for forwarding, but instead are used by multicast routing protocols such as PIM-SM to perform RPF checks when building the multicast distibution tree.
OSPF See Open Shortest Path First.
Open Shortest Path First an IGP routing protocol based on a link-state algorithm. Used to route within medium to large networks.
PIM-SM Protocol Independent Multicast, Sparse Mode.
Rendezvous Point A router used in PIM-SM as part of the rendezvous process by which new senders are grafted on to the multicast tree.
Reverse Path Forwarding many multicast routing protocols such as PIM-SM build a multicast distribution tree based on the best route back from each receiver to the source, hence multicast packets will be forwarded along the reverse of the path to the source.
RIB See Routing Information Base.
RIP Routing Information Protocol.
Routing Information Base the collection of routes learned from all the dynamic routing protocols running on the router. Subdivided into a Unicast RIB for unicast routes and a Multicast RIB.
RP See Rendezvous Point.
RPF See Reverse Path Forwarding.
Static Route A route that has been manually configured on the router.
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol.
xorpsh XORP command shell.
xorp_rtrmgr XORP router manager process.
1) Should not be confused by the now historic routing protocol with the same name that was specified in RFC 904, and that has been replaced by BGP.
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